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Jet Ski Rentals in Miami, Florida

Depart per scheduled time. Any late arrivals or no shows will NOT be refunded. If you wish to re-schedule or cancel your reservation, you must call in advance (Hour notice stated below). If not done within that time frame you will lose your reservation deposit (NO REFUNDS) and the possibility of re-scheduling for another date.

Reservation Deposits are Non-Refundable- No cancellations. THIS IS APPLICABLE TO OUR “BOAT+JETSKI PACKAGE” AS WELL.

If you are making a reservation for the same day, or out of our policy stated above, client accepts there are NO REFUNDS, NO CANCELLATIONS, NO RE-SCHEDULING.

We will give a CALL-TEXT or e-mail to all our customers, providing a rescheduling opportunity. A full refund can be issued if you can’t make it for another date.

In the case that it is a small passing shower, we wait a few minutes (usually around 15 min) and go out once it stops raining. Please take into account that we will make this decision based on weather in OUR AREA. If it is raining someplace else or the weather is just cloudy, it doesn’t mean that you can cancel your ride. In this case, you will lose your reservation deposit and our regular cancellation policy stated above applies to the reservation.